Update from our President: Symposium 2018 and AGM

Probation Officers Association of Ontario, September 2018

AGM 2018, Symposium 2018

Symposium 2018, originally scheduled for November 4-7, has been put on hold for this year.  There were a number of factors which led to this decision: shortened time frames, uncertainty, lack of funding, and numerous constraints.    

Pushing forward with Symposium would have consumed a substantial portion of our budget, while benefiting only a small number of members.  The Symposium Planning Committee, in particular, did not support moving forward without consulting the membership. 

Annual Gathering of Members – November 3 and 4, 2018

As a group with not-for-profit status, we are obligated to hold an Annual General Meeting AGM. We are planning to have the AGM on Saturday, November 3, from 6:30 – 9:30.  Sunday’s itinerary will take place from 9:00 am – approximately 4:00 pm.  We are in the process of finalizing speakers for all-delegate sessions throughout the day.  The cost to attend the event will be $50.  The registration fee includes lunch on Sunday, and overnight accommodations (double occupancy) if needed.  The Board is hoping to finalize the itinerary and open registration the first week of October.  Members will be notified as soon as possible. 

Please understand that it is necessary to charge a nominal fee for the event.  It is possible that over the next four years, POAO will receive very little, if any, funding from either Ministry.  We have to be very judicious with our resources in order to conduct the business of the Association.   

I understand the dates we selected may not work for everyone.  However, planning has been very difficult this year, and after a long discussion the Board felt this date would work for the most members.  Given the challenges we have been confronted with up to this point, I am very pleased that we were able to offer something to our members.     

The Most Important AGM in a very long time.

The AGM on November 3 will be the most important AGM the Association has had in a very long time.  The way we do business has to change.  The way we organize Symposium - our flagship event - has to change.    

We need to hear from our members.  We need your ideas.  We need your input.

Do we move Symposium to the spring, to take advantage of University facilities during the spring?  Do we partner with other groups? 

Also, we will be holding elections for a number of positions, including vice-president, secretary, and directors

Chris Podolinsky

President, POAO

I am open to hearing your concerns and suggestions for the Association.  Send any comments or questions to president@poao.org.



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