November 2018 AGM Highlights

This years AGM featured Ontario Gang Investigators Association ONGIA who are a non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to the prevention, intervention and suppression of criminal street gangs.

ONGIA is committed to bringing members of the law enforcement community the latest in gang trends and investigations. ONGIA representatives provided POAO members with relevant and information pertaining to Toronto gangs, gang trend, gang migration,tattoos, graffiti and the gang landscape. 

Project DARE, was also in attendance and they read provided material on other like- minded Associations such as “Boots on the Ground”, “Community Justice Initiatives”, and our research partner, “Integrating Brain Injury, Mental Health, and Addictions Research.

Other speakers included Occupational Stress Injury (OSI) team members who presented on their initiatives to inform  POAO members how to help decrease the impact of occupational stress in the workplace and create and support psychologically healthy work environments. OSI discussed its effects of working in our profession, such as hyper vigilance. Concrete ideas, methods to help us regulate our nervous system was provided. 

Badge of Life Canada followed OSI. Badge of Life is a peer led charitable volunteer association committed to supporting police and corrections personnel who are dealing with psychological injuries diagnosed from service. Bill Rusk, Executive Director and retired police officer (30 year tenure) served in various capacities, such as uniform patrol, police dog services, criminal investigations branch, drugs and intelligence, as well as specialized projects and joint force assignments. He presented material that was very informative and relevant to PPO's and PO's alike. 

And lastly, the day ended with National Service Dogs who's aim is to Empower people to achieve their full potential with strategically trained and certified service dogs. They shared their message, information about their program and brought their most lovable workers with them. 

Thank you to all of our speakers who attended the POAO AGM in November 2018, your presentations were very informative and your dedication and  contributions to our profession, is an asset to the work that we do.

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