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Welcome to the Eastern Branch area of the POAO website. Here you will find information about upcoming events in our Branch and important information.


The Eastern Branch covers Durham to Cornwall with 29 active members.

Your Branch Chair for the Eastern Region is Sam Brooks and she can be contacted at east@poao.org.

This year, we are proud to say that for the second year in a row, we have won the title of Branch of the Year!

Good job Beasters!


Eastern Branch Annual Golf Tournament:


Although the weather was not the greatest this year, the Annual Golf Tournament was quite a success!  Congrats to Kim Benton and Kevin Gilkinson for winning Closest to the Pin!  Congrats to Adam Cameron's team for winning this year's tournament!


Happy P.O. Week! Lots of things have been happening in the region that I would like to highlight:


-five Probation offices in the Ottawa area volunteered at St. Joe’s Supper Table (a local soup kitchen)

-the Peterborough office had a Wellness Challenge in the spirit of P.O. Week, with challenges including bringing in a food donation, donating clothing items and doing a random act of kindness

-the Ottawa East office held a bbq and invited the New Directions Program Coordinator to attend

-the Ottawa Centre office held its annual bake sale that raised $1,000 for Therapeutic Paw of Ottawa

Great job gang! This region has often shown great community spirit during P.O. Week and I’m happy to see this tradition continue.


Hey Beasters!

On Friday November 30th, 2018, the Eastern Branch AGM was held in Napanee, ON.

At this meeting, we had a great discussions for our Branch and POAO moving forward in 2019.

The Branch Chair for Eastern Branch will send out the meeting minutes to Eastern Branch in January 2019, but in the meantime, here are some highlights from the meeting:



Eastern Branch will offer again the $100 rebate to any never-before-member to join POAO for 2019. Membership is now in full effect, so make sure to connect with staff about joining!


Branch Member of the Year!

Congratulations to Amanda Deszpoth for being 2018’s Eastern Branch Member of the Year. Amanda has been a long standing member of POAO and has been a part of the Branch Executive in the past. She has been nothing short of an amazing advocate for this Association and this award was certainly well deserved. Again, let’s all congratulate Amanda!



This year, Branch Chair and Treasurer were up for nominations and both Sam Brooks and Dale Schroeder were re-elected to their respective positions. Mike Giles continues to be Vice Chair and Kindra Robertson continues to be Secretary.


Let’s all do our part in communicating to our staff about the great work the Association does! We are a strong Branch and will continue to be so in 2019!

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