PO Week 2016

As always I hope this message finds all of you safe and sound. It’s been a busy and stressful start to the year with the potential labour disruption looming over us, and eventually reaching a late settlement in the early hours of a cold January morning.

I want to start off by saying job well done to all the probation officers around the province who stood up and spoke out against the current crisis in corrections and the difficulties that we have faced in recent years. During this difficult time POAO spread information through multiple levels of social media managing to connect to one another and our communities offering support every step along the way. Our social media campaign had a powerful impact on the process and it’s following this trend that we came up with the theme to this year’s PO week:


                                                                                   May 2nd – May 8th

PO week was created as a way to celebrate the great work we do. This is a week when we reach out to our communities through charitable and educational events, professional developmental sessions and acknowledge the work we do. Let’s use this week to build on the momentum that we’ve built up in recent months. All events will be posted on the web site (www.poao.org) with contact information and ways to get involved and take part. If there is something going on in you your area that’s not on the web site let me know and I’ll make sure that we get it up.

This is your week! This is your profession! Get out and get involved.

All the best

-Dale T. Boylan

POAO Vice-President

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